Elios is a company who builds bleeding edge technology for some of the largest industries, companies, and governments in the world. Leveraging their technology and experience, they've created the most powerful and versatile series of locks -- The Crossover Locks™.

The Crossover Bike Lock™

The Crossover Luggage Lock™

The Crossover Utility Lock™


Traditional locks do not alert users if its ever tampered with or cut. In contrast, the Crossover Lock™ sends alert notifications in real time if the lock is ever jostled, moved, cut, incorrect passcode entered, or unlocked.

This is the most advanced lock in the world!

The main difference is the cable. The luggage lock is equipped with a Travel Sentry key lock that allows the luggage to be opened by airport security all over the world.

The battery will last up to 12 months with minimal triggers and alerts.

Regular usage (non-stop updates and alerts) will last 2 months.

Crowdfunding allows us to do a few things: 1) create an instant
community, 2) lower the device cost by bulk manufacturing, 3) expedite
the production process, 4) offer our crowdfunding community hidden perks not available to anyone else.

If you pre-order the lock during the crowdfunding campaign, you will receive 12 months of free service.

After the 12 months of free service, the monthly service is $5 per month.

In order to use the Crossover Lock™ beyond Bluetooth range (50 feet), a service plan is required.  A service plan gives you real-time trackable coverage for any distance over 50 feet.  Multiple service plan options are available with no obligation or contract.

If you decide to opt-out of the service plan and global connectivity ($5/mo), you can still use the lock in Bluetooth range.

The Crossover Lock™ is available on Kickstarter for pre-order only. The locks will not be available on our website until all pre-orders from the crowdfunding campaign are fulfilled.

Yes, and no. The lock will be released in the US before releasing it into other countries.

If you travel outside of the US, the lock can still be accessed (if it's still in the US).

There are no guarantees. Not every country operates on the same bandwidth and frequency as the lock. Additionally, the lock has not been tested outside of the US-- testing will happen after the US orders have been fulfilled.